Why should I maintain my pump system?

Posted On Posted on 23rd October, 2017 by Dura Pump

Did you know? A broken three-inch pipe could mean that water comes out of it at almost 1000litres/minute.


Through our years of experience within the industry, we’ve seen all the potential failings of a pump system. Here we’ve detailed the two systems most vulnerable to failure and the ways in which we help to restore and maintain them, giving you peace of mind!


1. A sewage pump system

Sewage pump system failures can be caused by increasing amounts of blockages within the pumps and valves, which trigger unreliability (meaning the pump could fail without any prior warning) and result in sewage flooding. The call-outs are often expensive and require tankering.


2. Cold water booster sets

An unmaintained system will result in inconsistent water pressure and ultimately cause the failure of your water supply. Typically, on a cold water system, it will be the non-return valve or pressure vessel which fails, causing damage to the pipework and creating an erratic water pressure.


The Dura Pump solution?

A well maintained pump system is far less likely to give you unexpected issues. When we service a system we carry out a full assessment and find out how to make it more reliable…


1. A sewage pump system

We remove and clean the existing pump, and check the bearing, impeller and its general state. We also ensure the non-return and gate valves are operating correctly, and the pipework and guide rails aren’t compromised in any way.

Our engineers carry out full electrical and level control system checks, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the installation. There may be water ingress in the system, but we can detect this at an early stage and recommend a replacement pump or repair the existing pump before it fails.


2. Cold water booster sets

Maintenance of a cold water booster set will ensure the reliability of the pumps, and a more consistent water pressure throughout. Our engineers check the pressure vessel(s) and pumps for failure of mechanical seals, motor bearings and all isolation and non-return valves to make sure that you have a fresh, clean water supply delivered consistently.



You could receive this service as part of our ProServ package… providing proactive pump maintenance across the business. With a variety of different service levels available, we can create a tailored plan to suit your ever changing needs.

Want to find out more about ProServ? Click here to email us your questions today.

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