Why do we need pressurisation sets?

Posted On Posted on 30th August, 2017 by Dura Pump
pressurisation sets

Before the invention of pressurisation sets, heating and chilling systems were ‘open’. A tank would be fitted at the highest point in the system, and this would maintain an even water level. This design had several disadvantages:

    • Risk – storing a large amount of water in a high place puts the site at risk of severe, damaging leaks
    • Space – open tanks require a lot of room and structural support
    • Contamination – the tank’s contents are exposed to the elements in a loft space
    • Corrosion – air is able to enter the system which causes damage to equipment, increases the likelihood of leaks, and shortens system life

Pressurisation units were developed to avoid these issues. With their help, we can create a ‘sealed system’. This maintains the initial system fill pressure, eliminating the need for a conventional ‘open’ header tank and all the disadvantages that come with it.


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