Ebara Pump Systems

Ebara have taken a leading role in the water sector being a large manufacturer in the Pump Industry. They have been working from 1912 so have developed a range of high-quality products and services to fulfil your needs. Established in Italy in 1989, this world-leading pump manufacturer boasts a huge network of branches extending across Europe and further afield into Russia and South Africa.
Ebara Pumps has innovated by integrating a Japanese philosophy that has revolutionised its manufacturing process, eliminating waste whilst striving towards continuous improvement. Dura Pump is proud to stock a range of Ebara Pump systems which can be employed across a huge range of applications; from industrial wastewater, automotive and biofuel right through to temperature control, bottling, pharmaceutical and washing/cleaning. Where versatility and performance are required, our customers can count on Ebara.
Dura Pump’s range of Ebara Pump Systems include booster sets, heater pumps, centrifugal pumps, inverter drives, surface pump stations and more.

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