Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Through Effective Waste and Recycling

Posted On Posted on 3rd March, 2023 by Ozz

At Dura Pump, we put energy efficiency and savings at the heart of everything we do. As we work to help our clients cut costs by going greener and becoming more energy efficient, we’re continually working to reduce our own carbon footprint.

How are we doing it?

For a start, we don’t send our waste to landfill, we recycle it! In the last six months our engineers collected 2,998 kg of waste from their everyday working operations – 1,871kg of that consisted of diverted waste (that will typically be reused or repurposed), and 1,127kg was recycled. We’re very proud to say that ZERO kg of the waste we collected went to landfill!

Not only are we working hard to manage our waste effectively, we’re also attempting to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible.

In the last six months, Dura Pump saved a fantastic 240kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) through recycling everything we could in the course of our daily work. That equates to 0.83 trees planted, 0.09 cars off the road and 0.15 houses powered!

Little by little, we’re doing our bit to help save the planet and make our world a nicer place to live in. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business do the same.

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