What Are Pressurisation Sets Used For?

Posted On Posted on 11th August, 2022 by Ozz

Here at Dura Pump, our sales team is often approached by customers with one frequently asked question: what are pressurisation sets used for? In our latest blog, we look inside these sets, what they do and how they can help when fluid loss occurs. Check it out!

In many cases, a pressurisation set just looks like a steel box with a screen or pressure gauge on the front. However, there’s a little bit more to these products. With that in mind, let us run you through what it does and typically what is inside…

What’s the Use for a Pressurisation Set?

Pressurisation sets are most commonly used on heating systems or chilled water systems. The pressurisation unit is used for topping up the system when fluid loss occurs. An example of this would be when you’ve had a leak on the system or have replaced a radiator causing a loss of water and therefore a drop in the system pressure. The pressurisation unit monitors the system and reintroduces pressure/fluid into the system as required.

Pressurisation sets are also used for safety on a heating or chiller water system. Within the control system the unit typically monitors the system pressure and has a high and low limit set. If either of these are reached it will send a signal to cut off the boilers or chillers. This protects the system and ensures the system is running safely within its operation limits.

How does a pressurisation set work and what’s inside?

A pressurisation set works by monitoring pressure in the system and topping up the system until the desired pressure has been reached.

Inside the unit there is normally a small tank of water; a float valve, 1 or 2 pumps, non-return valves, an isolation valve, a control board and a pressure transducer or pressure switches.

The tank sits at the top of the unit and is filled up by the float valve (similar to a toilet cistern). The pressure transducer monitors the pressure on the discharge side of the unit. If it sees a drop in pressure, the control board starts the pump running. The pumps draw the water from the tank and discharge it into the system via the non-return valves until the system pressure is reached.

This is a very basic overview of pressurisation unit, if you need support, fault finding or advise on your pressurisation unit, call our team today on 01604 648800

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