Why Is Summer The Perfect Time To Repair Your Heating Pumps?

Posted On Posted on 31st May, 2022 by Ozz
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Are you thinking about heating pump maintenance? If you’re wondering when the best time to repair your heating pumps is, then the answer is simple: summer. Dura Pump always recommend repairing heating pumps over the summer months – here’s why:


The obvious reason that summer is the best time to repair heating pumps is because they’re not in use. Rather than causing disruption to your heating pump system in winter months, take advantage of the warm weather and get all essential repairs and maintenance done when your heating pumps aren’t operational.

Lead Times

Current lead times are longer than they’ve ever been. In fact, it can take as long as 3 months for certain pump models to be supplied from the manufacturer. That’s why we always recommend planning ahead and making sure your heating pumps maintenance is carried out in the summer, so you can guarantee smooth operations over the winter months when you really need your heating pumps most.

Cost Savings

If you repair your heating pumps in the summer, it can save unnecessary call out costs and extended waiting times over the winter months. Early maintenance also gives you time to make an informed choice to select the best value pump for your application, rather than opting for a more expensive pump in the winter just because it’s in stock and readily available.

Double Heat Pump Heat Pump


Dura Pump Recommends

If you want to guarantee smooth running of heating pumps all year round, then we recommend holding spare blanking plates for any twin head heating pumps you have on site.

A blanking plate is a preformed metal disk, machined appropriately to fit on to the volute in the place of a pump head.  Holding stock of reserve blanking plates on site allows you to remove one of the pump heads, whether it be for repair or replacement, while keeping the second pump head in operation, resulting in reduced downtime and operational disruption.

Choose Dura Pump for Performance Under Pressure

If your business operates heating pumps, you’ll need to stay on top of essential maintenance and pump care. If you require your heating pump repaired, replaced or serviced, get in touch to see how our expert team can help.

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