Working in conjunction with CBRE to support the City of London

Posted On Posted on 31st August, 2021 by Dura Pump
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Trafalgar Square receives approximately fifteen million visitors every year and the famous location is a key landmark in the country’s capital that embodies pieces of British history and culture. The square is a gateway between the main shopping district of the city centre and the West of the city, and Nelson’s Column and the four lions at its base are standout features but the two large fountains are equally admired.

The fountains in Trafalgar Square operate most days of the year and pump large volumes of water every single second for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. However, with such high demand and consistent use, the fountain pump was beginning to fail and was weakening with age.

Before any issues occurred, Dura Pump worked in conjunction with CBRE and facilities management for Trafalgar Square to complete the project and getting the fountains working at full capacity.

We are exceptionally proud of all projects that we supply our pump equipment for and we are glad our team could offer efficient and quick solutions to keep these impressive fountains running.

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