5 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Booster Set

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Regardless of your water demands and regardless of how heavily your booster set is used, one fact is true: the critical role it performs means that it should be serviced once a year as a minimum. Aside from the health and safety issues a failed system can cause in your building, neglecting your set can also cause problems around insurance obligations & more. Don’t let a lack of maintenance catch you out: check out our latest blog which highlights 5 reasons why you should service your booster set!

Here at Dura Pump, we’ve been designing, supplying, installing and maintaining booster pump sets for decades. All that experience has taught us that for many businesses and organisations, pump servicing often comes as an afterthought and when it is often too late. Don’t fall victim to booster set negligence – make sure you’re aware of WHY your system requires servicing in the first place!

Reason #1: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!

The number one, primary reason why you should service a booster set is because it is first and foremost a mechanical and electrical device. Given this fact, it’s important to remember that there are many components which can go wrong over a period of time.

Therefore, regular servicing on a booster set doesn’t only prevent these issues, but also allows you to fix the issues before it stops providing water to your establishment. The old saying applies: the stitch in time saves nine.

Reason #2: Ensure Smaller, Complex Components are Functioning

There are several components on a booster set which, although being small devices, MUST be in working order and working to the correct settings. For example, a pressure vessel must be set to the correct pressure; otherwise you risk premature failure to the mechanical seals from water hammer. Secondly, this can also cause failure to the electrical motors due to stopping and starting too regularly.

Reason #3: Check for Leaks Before They Become a Problem

With booster sets (and indeed virtually all kinds of pumps), there is always a risk of leaks. By conducting regular checks on your booster set, you can check for leaks before they become a significant and damaging problem.

If a leak is caught soon enough it is often a simple fix. However, if left to leak over a long period, this causes a build-up of corrosion and scale. To repair the booster set is then more costly as the corrosion and scale will have spread to other areas of the set and caused damage that weren’t experiencing issues prior to the leak.

Reason #4: Maintain the Correct Pressure

The fourth reason you should always service a booster set is to check the pumps are functioning correctly; thereby maintaining the correct pressure. Checks should include motor readings, bearing condition, mechanical seal and overall condition.

The importance of checking this is that the pumps may be on a long lead time. Pre-empting this issue could prevent water loss to your building by having a new pump in time.

Reason #5: Confirm that Controls are Working Correctly

The fifth and most important reason is the controls. To check they are functioning and operating correctly is significant in ensuring they are providing the correct pressure readings, swapping duties of the pumps to provide even wear and protecting the pumps from dry running, as well as feeding back to the BMS system connected.

Service Your Booster Set with Dura Pump

As the UK’s foremost booster pump experts, you can rely on our expert engineers to carry out comprehensive maintenance upon your system, saving time, hassle and money. To get started, view our Booster Pump services or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

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