What you need to know about pressurisation sets 

Posted On Posted on 24th July, 2019 by Dura Pump

What is a pressurisation set? 

A pressurisation set is a unit designed to pressurise a pump system, most commonly heating pumps or hot and cold water services. It fills the unit to the best pressure to allow the correct flow. To do this it uses one or two small peripheral pumps throughout the system to maintain pressure.

The pressurisation set is controlled with switches that detect system pressure and engage the pumps when pressure is lost. A pressurisation set is linked to a closed system at a neutral point. This point is not impacted by the duty of a system pump.


Traditional ‘open’ systems vs pressurisation units

At Dura Pump we, unfortunately, encounter businesses or residences that have had a pump unit incorrectly specified to them. Whilst these units are not always necessarily wrong or bound for failure, there are many units and systems that are not maximising a premises capability, leading them to encounter unnecessary costs whilst being unable to achieve the best performance.

One example of this is the traditional ‘open’ heating/chiller system.

The traditional ‘open’ heating/chiller system is manufactured with its feed and expansion tank above the highest point in the system. It feeds it with water whilst accommodating expansion and replacing evaporated losses. However, water stored at this height occupies a large amount of space because this high level of storage needs improved structural support.

As traditional systems are ‘open’, air is allowed to enter the system which can lead to corrosion and unavoidable maintenance costs and issues. This ‘flaw’ in the design can not be fixed on these models without causing issues of its own and either ‘solution’ will lead to damaging downtime and frustrating expenditures.

On the other hand, pressurisation sets resolve these issues whilst keeping all the benefits that a traditional system has. Pressurisation sets are first enclosed so that air can not contaminate the unit and cause oxidisation. Secondly, pressurisation sets are designed to be compact and correct placement ensures there’s no risk of storing water in heavy structures at high levels.

Your respective heating or cooling system will benefit from the inclusion of a pressurisation set as opposed to a traditional unit because they are more compact, more adequately sealed and ultimately resolved issues created in traditional open systems. Why would you keep exposing your pump to potential failures and yourself to future maintenance costs when you could switch to a pressurisation set for peace of mind?



Why is a good pressurisation set important? 

Pressurisation units are designed to replace water that has been lost through system leakage, to maintain the system design fill-pressure in sealed heating and chilled water systems and to provide safety circuits locking out the chiller unit or boiler in the event of extreme pressures.

They lower the risk of pressure being too high or low, stopping knock-on effects on the day-to-day operation of premises. Why is pressure such a big issue? A pump can’t operate properly without sufficient inlet pressure as it will cavitate.

Cavitation is caused by the rapid formation of vapour pockets in a flowing liquid in regions of very low pressure and collapsing in higher pressure regions, which can cause expensive structural damage to the pump system.

Having a good pressurisation set as part of your pump system will improve efficiency for the flow and maintenance of water. As it doesn’t suffer from internal wear like the traditional model, pressurisation units have much longer lifespans.


Where can you install pressurisation sets? 

A well-installed pressurisation set can change the efficiency of your business by improving productivity rates and reducing wastage costs and time spent resolving pressure/leakage issues.

Our pressurisation sets are designed to cope with large quantities of material from pump sets and where needed multiple sets can be assigned. Our pressurisation sets have been featured in prisons where water supply needs to remain consistent and the pressure appropriate so facilities are not damaged.

We also work with local councils and hotels to provide efficient systems for large quantities of people and trusted representative bodies. Dura Pump pressurisation sets are great for accompanying pump systems in all sections – from construction to education to food and drink manufacturers.



How to get the most out of your pressurisation set

To get the most out of any pump or units that you use as part of your business or premises, they have to be installed correctly and supplied with sufficient pump maintenance. At Dura Pump, we get everything right first time so we can guarantee you won’t suffer from issues from poor installation. We are experts in what we do and our talented team of engineers has installed pump systems and pressurisation for all different applications.

Dura Pump provides a 24/7 service for the care and maintenance for pump systems while also offering a 12-month guarantee on all sets we’ve installed. Not enough peace of mind? Take the pressure off yourself by joining our Proserv Maintenance Solution scheme and getting a package appropriate for your needs and budget.

By having access to professional maintenance, you can reduce the risk of heavy costs for full repair or replacement and reduce downtime on site.


Where can you get your pressurisation set?

Here at Dura Pump we are experts in pressure boosting and you can arrange a visit where we will help you to specify your perfect pressurisation set. We will then design the system for you, and supply, install, maintain and repair if required. We create the flow the way that you want it.

We provide fast, efficient results to make sure your business doesn’t have to suffer from prolonged waits or downtime. On one occasion we provided a solution in 5 hours in a hospital to stop surgeries being cancelled because of pump failure.

Is your pump system experiencing constant leaks? Are you concerned about the pressure of your unit? Contact Dura Pump today on 01604 648 800 or email mail@durapump.co.uk


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