Flamco Pump Systems

The Flamco Group, since 1956 has been involved in the development, production and sale of high-quality components for residential, commercial buildings and sustainable energy. The company has been celebrated for its industry-leading approach to pump manufacturing, with production facilities spanning continents reaching from Europe to China.
The Flamco name is synonymous with pump performance, and the range of products currently offered by this brand is significant. Whilst the selection includes expansion vessels, safety valves and pressure gauges, it also offers rails, clips, brackets and other mounting material for installing and hanging pipes. Dura Pump stocks a selection of these products, including a range of expansion vessels and pressurisation units.
Ideal for a large variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications, Flamco pump systems are trusted across the industry for potable, chilled and heated water systems. They are also commonly used in closed central heating and air-conditioning installations and cooling installations.

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