Benefits Of Using A Rotomec Submersible Pump

Posted On Posted on 15th February, 2023 by Ozz
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What is a Rotomec Submersible Pump?

Rotomec, otherwise known as Pompe Rotomec, is an Italian pump manufacturer located in Northern Italy. 

Rotomec’s core range consists of electric submersible pumps with vortex or grinder impellers. They are designed to lift sewage and liquids with traces of solids (particularly voluminous and fibrous materials), as well as fermented sediments with traces of gas. These capabilities make them the go-to pump for many applications

Key Benefits of Rotomec Submersible Pumps

Rotomec provides a vast range of submersible pumps, which can cover most applications. Key benefits include:

  • High Flow Rate / Head: flow rates of up to 360 l/s with other pumps in the range doing up to a 60m head. Some pumps can even handle 95mm solids. 
  • Reliable Products: Dura Pump have been distributors of Pompe Rotomec products for over 10 years. Time and time again, Rotomec pumps have proven their reliability and quality of build, from their castings, through to the moving parts used within the pump and the quality of the bearings and mechanical seals. 
  • Competitive Pricing: available at very competitive rates and can be used as an alternative to other manufacturers such as Flygt without compromising on quality. 
  • Good Availability: some are stocked in the UK and other larger sizes are made available within two to four weeks. However, this lead time may increase for some stainless-steel pump options.

Rotomec’s Submersible Pump Range


A grinder pump with open impeller, this is designed to be installed with small diameter pipelines to handle pressurised sewage. The grinder device crushes the solid parts and prevents clogging. Can handle a max flow of 8 l/s and has a large maximum head size of 62m.


This submersible electric pump with vortex impeller boasts a double mechanical seal for use in an oil chamber and can handle a maximum liquid temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and a maximum flow of 12.5 l/s. Its maximum head size is 17m.


Like the TR, this submersible electric pump with a vortex impeller has a double mechanical seal and can handle a liquid temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Used to pump dirty water, sewage, ground water, rain water and industrial effluents, it has a bigger maximum flow capacity compared to the TR (20 l/s) and a larger maximum head size (21m).


Also a submersible pump with vortex impeller, this model is designed to pump sewage, rainwater, sludge and non-corrosive waste water for industrial plants. It’s also adept at the lifting of particularly muddy waters, sea waters and aggressive effluents. It’s worth noting that it can also be built in stainless steel to handle corrosive liquids. 


This submersible pump with vortex impeller is designed to lift sewage, liquids with traces of solids and fermented sediments with traces of gas. It can handle a maximum flow of 180 l/s and has a maximum head size of 50m.


Able to withstand a maximum flow twice that of the RS (360 l/s!) this pump has a two-channel impeller and a self-cleaning diffuser. Like the RS, it is designed to lift sewage, liquids with traces of solids and fermented sediments with traces of gas. 



For more information about the Rotomec submersible pump range available from Dura Pump, visit our dedicated webpage Rotomec – Submersible Pumps & Pump Parts – Dura Pump.

To discuss buying and installing a Rotomec submersible pump through Dura Pump, contact us today.



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