Abattoir needed their waste movement automated

The Challenge

The process was very mechanical. The sludge came from a shute through a wall into a large metal container. The container required full attention to ensure it didn’t overflow. Several times per day a forklift was required to remove the container and empty it into a tanker.

As the container was removed from beneath the shute, the entire process would need to stop to prevent an unsightly mess!  Not only was it very time consuming but it was also ineffective and took up unnecessary capacity. Worst of all, if you forgot to follow the steps of the process, an overflowing mess could be yours to tidy up!

Our Solution

The abattoir needed a simple solution to mechanise and streamline the process. The Dura Pump team came up with the idea of creating a simple hopper with level control, a progressive cavity pump and a warning system. This meant that the process could continue without disturbance or attention. By using this method, the waste entered the hopper, the level control activated the pump and the waste would be pumped away into the tanker for disposal off-site.

The warning system provides peace of mind. If a blockage or some other failure occurred, an audible alarm would warn the operators to take action. The hopper was manufactured in stainless steel and included forklift pockets and release couplings. With these features, the unit could be removed for easy cleaning or used elsewhere if required.

The Results

A simple yet effective pump solution! This innovative pump system from Dura Pump ensured there was no more unnecessary mess, no more labour intensive emptying and no more handling of waste. The process that our team created is fully automatic and results in less production downtime. It is also a safer and cleaner way to dispose of waste. As for payback time… our estimate is 2 to 3 months depending on what value you put on your time and at Dura Pump, we understand that time is money.

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