Booster Set & Tank Supply For A New Build Apartment Block

The Challenge

The Dura Pump team was recently approached by a regular client from the mechanical & electrical sector. The client came to us as they required a solution for water supply into a newly built apartment block. However, the client could only provide drawings and detail like pipework schematics as there was no specification provided by the building’s architects.

The customer needed a break tank as well as the specification, supply and commissioning of a booster set.

Our Solution

Our specification & estimation team immediately got to work in examining the clients’ requirements; calculating the required flow and pressure for the booster set before specifying the correct size of break tank. Dura Pump supplied a Grundfos Hydro Multi-E 3 booster set: a triple variable speed booster set providing constant pressure to the apartments. Our team also provided drawings of the booster set and tank to the client, ensuring it fitted within the available space.

The break tank supplied was a GRP 2-piece tank complete with inlet float valve overflow warning pipes and outlet connections. Dura Pump specified a 2-piece, which is a tank with a flange around the centre which means the tank can be split in half so that it can be easily manoeuvred into a room with limited access. The tank can then be reassembled in-situ, on-site. Aside from these components, Dura Pump also supplied flexible bellows.

Once the customer had installed the booster set and tank on-site, Dura Pump carried out a commissioning visit to clean and chlorinate the tank and set up the booster set. This included setting the booster set pressure set point; setting the pressure vessel to the correct pressure, ensuring the inverters were programmed correctly, ensuring the run dry protection was working correctly and also fully checking the pipework and flange connections had all been made correctly.

The Results

As a result of the specification, supply and commissioning works the apartment blocks now had a reliable water supply, which met regulations. Our involvement from design to commissioning minimised hassle for the client and meant they had to deal with just one contractor. Further to this; Dura Pump provided the peace of mind granted by offering ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

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