GRP bespoke package pump stations

The Challenge

The Dura Pump team were approached by a renowned development company to provide not one but five pump stations for a large mixed-use high rise tower, which sits in a prime location in the City of London.

The challenge was to come up with a solution that would work best for this large scale project, and in this case, the best option was to provide five bespoke GRP packaged pump stations. Our division for special projects is experienced in the design and manufacture of bespoke pump systems, so we were ready to create a solution that was unique to the development and was going to leave them with an efficient and reliable system long into the future.

Our Solution

The five twin pump stations supplied will serve the facilities as well as the stormwater runoff, as they are situated well below ground level and run off the existing sewer levels in the basement. Rotomec pumps were recommended for this project, with high heads ranging from 17m to 20m.

These bespoke pump stations were delivered to the site pre-assembled, ready for installation to be carried out by the developer. They were installed into the concrete basement floor with pre-assembled pipework all ready to go within the GRP tanks and also required inlets and outlets to complete the solution.

All of the pump stations are individually controlled with dual control panels, a 4 float system, high-level alarms and no bolt BMS contacts.

How we’re supporting the development

For such a large development, there are a number of steps we go through in order to fulfil the pump requirements and to provide the support needed. Here are Dura Pump’s 7 steps to project completion:

  1. Drawings supplied to Dura Pump demonstrating what is needed on site. We provide the specification of pump station size, pump size and control methods.
  2. Customer approves the proposal and drawings are provided for the manufacture of the tank for final approval. Sign off of drawings for the manufacture of the tank is then required.
  3. Tanks manufactured and delivered to the site, with preassembled internal pipework, and inlet and outlet provisions.
  4. Customer installs tanks to locations, makes connections to inlets and outlets, and provides the power supply.
  5. The site informs us when they’re ready and Dura Pump engineers are sent to the site to commission the system, installing the pumps, level control, control panel and testing the system. They will also provide a commissioning certificate.
  6. Some large projects require a further visit before residents occupy the site, to health check the system and ensure everything is ready.
  7. We provide ongoing maintenance and a service package, providing peace of mind!
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