Muncher, Storage Tank & Pump Station for a UK Hospital

The Challenge

A local health trust was developing an area to extend an existing hospital, but the position of the building was above the existing pump station. This meant that the pump station needed to be moved but at the same time, the hospital needed to remain operational. The easiest option was to install a completely new pump station and then divert the sewage into it, but this was easier on paper than in reality.

As Dura Pump had worked on site with the existing sewage pump station for years, we were asked to help on the design and supply of a new pump station. The consultants worked on the overall design and levels of the system, with our team providing support on the parts and products and how they could be incorporated into their design.

One challenge was the large amount of storage required (150,000L) and the depth of the pump station. The pump station was 10 metres deep. This is beyond the limit of a GRP pump station due to their strength and the ground pressure at that depth.

The ultimate goal was to provide a pump system which would be reliable and not cause any issue for the hospital for years to come.


Our Solution

Once the specifications were finalised, the design was:

  • A Muffin Muncher in the first chamber to cut up and macerate the sewage, before it entered the main tanks;
  • A 150,000l tank for the storage with 2 turrets for access and cleaning; and
  • A concrete ring pump station with Rotomec Pumps and radar Level control, to lift the waste to the main sewer.

The Muffin Muncher macerates/chops up the waste in the 6 mm size parts, which massively reduces the chance of blocking up the pump or system. This reduces call out costs, prolongs the life of the pumps and ultimately ensures the hospital is operational 24/7. This was supplied with a framework and then installed into a concrete chamber, and commissioned by our engineers.

The 150,000L tank provided 24-hour storage for the wastewater in the event of a power failure or major system failure. The tank was a GRP tank, 16 meter long by 3.6m diameter with two turrets. It was transported to site with special escort transport direct from the factory as one piece (except the turrets). Once on-site the civil company, who had pre-dug the hole, craned the tank into position and connected the pipework and back-filled the hole with concrete.

The Pump station takes the waste from the 150,00L tank and discharges it to the mains sewage network. To overcome the depth issue, we recommended a pump station made from concrete rings, which the civils company built. Once this was built, we fitted it out with pipework, valves, guide rails, pumps and level controls. This all involved a confined space entry which our engineers are trained and qualified to carry out.

The Rotomec pumps were specified due to their reliability and the fact that they have a suitable clear passage which reduced the chance of blockage. This, coupled with the Vega radar level control (which is one of the best level systems for wastewater) provided a very reliable solution.

Once the complete system was tested and commissioned the sewage was diverted into the new system.


The Result

As a result, the hospital experienced no down time or loss of services. It has also provided a long term reliable system built to last, backed up by our maintained team.

Now the Hospital can continue to expand and carry out their expansion building plans, to care for more patients, with the confidence that their sewage system is well cared for.

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