Replacement Pump for Trafalgar Square Water Fountain


The Challenge

Dura Pump were called upon to lend our expertise to one of the United Kingdom’s most iconic landmarks: the water fountain at London’s Trafalgar Square.

Following our successful installation of the first replacement main water fountain pump at Trafalgar square, we then secured a job for a second pump. The second pump, acting as a standby to the main pump, presented the same installation challenges as the first job. However, given that we had overcome these originally, this made the installation of the second pump more straightforward.

The main challenge that arose during the removal of the original pump was in moving the 75 k/W pump and motor from the underground plant room, across the subway and up the subway staircase to street level.

The second challenge was to integrate the controls and protection systems that were in place, across both new pumps.


Our Solution

Our solution was to replace the existing long coupled split case pump with a high-efficiency Grundfos TP 150 75k/W inline pump, to match the first pump installed. We carried out as much work off-site as possible, prefabricating pipework, panels and assembling valves. This limited the time the fountains needed to be off for, reducing the impact on this tourist hotspot.

The method we carried out to swap the pump over was to attend the site; dismantle the existing pump and pipework and move it to the exit of the plant room. Then, on an agreed night, we used a Hiab to crane out the old equipment and lift in the new pump with specialist lifting equipment. This work had to be carried out overnight, as not to cause disruption to the busy tube station nearby.

The pump was installed with a Grundfos CUE2 inverter to optimise efficiency and also to provide control to the fountain’s look and effect. The system was also protected with a run dry protection system, auto closing valves and alarm backup. The pump controls were also updated to integrate auto change over and a timer on the system for auto starting.

Dura Pump completed the full supply, installation and commissioning of the system, as well as ongoing maintenance.


The Result

As a result of our expertise, we were able to overcome and complete a job deemed difficult by the facilities management client. Also, in addition to the completion of this project, the system is protected against run dry and flooding, as well as running via the automatic controls. 

The Trafalgar square London landmark was now back up to high standards which its tourists expect. 

Find out more about our work with the City of London here.


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