Sewage Pump Station Callout


The Challenge

One of our clients called in with pump station failure. They found that both their pumps had tripped and the pump station was experiencing flooding. Without a quick response time, the sewage could have backed up and caused spillages, resulting in a major disruption to their business and potential reprisals from environmental agencies. 

Our challenge was to dispatch engineers quickly to resolve the situation and get the system working again before any spillages occurred.


Our Solution

Dura Pump’s team responded rapidly and sent two engineers with fully equipped vans to the site, to assess the situation and work out what was causing the pumps to trip. Equipment carried by our engineers included a tripod and winch, as well as common pump/system spares and tools.

Following an assessment of the sewage station’s pit, the engineers ascertained that the pumps must be ‘ragged up’ (ie. clogged).

They used the tripod and winch to raise the pumps via the guide rails which were installed in the pit. Once the pumps were on the surface our engineers found that they were indeed ragged and were able to remove the volute and clear out the rag causing the blockage. 

The pumps were then put back together, tested and re-installed in the pump station. Following this, the pumps were tested to make sure that the levels in the pit dropped satisfactorily and the level control was also tested to ensure that it continued to work when we left the site.  

Our engineers noted that the tank had a large build up of rag and fat floating in the top. For the pump station to work effectively, this needed to be removed with a vacuum tanker and the pit fully cleaned out. We relayed this information to the client to ensure that they understood the importance of keeping the system clean, to prevent future rag build up and the need for another call out.


The Result

The prompt response from the Dura Pump team meant our customer avoided any spillages or disruption to their business, which would have resulted in additional costs. The system was left working well once again, and our client was able to have it cleaned out, resulting in long term reliability and customer satisfaction.


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