Upgraded Booster Sets For A Leading Poultry Producer

The Challenge

One of our customers who processes chickens and their byproducts had an issue with their booster set supply into the factory. There were two issues with the booster sets.

The first issue was the fact that the booster set was below ground and therefore difficult to maintain and repair. Secondly, if the level control went into fault the water tank next to the booster tank would overflow and flood the underground room that the booster set was in. This not only cost a lot to repair the booster set, but cost thousands in downtime for the factory.

The challenge the Dura Pump was presented with was to come up with a way of relocating the booster set to above the ground with minimal downtime, to the factory. Also, the customer wanted to use the existing pumps as they had not long been repaired.

Our Solution

Our solution was to fabricate manifolds and pipework in an above ground kiosk directly above the existing tank. We connected pipework into the tank and connected it to the existing ring main. We also installed all the non-return and isolation valves on to the manifold, mounted the controls and ran the cabling to the correct position.

Once complete, we swapped one pump at a time onto the new booster set in their correct positions. Making all mechanical and electrical connections, testing the pump before the second pump was swapped over. This process was repeated for the third pump.

Once all three pumps were in position, we carried out the final commissioning which then allowed us to decommission the rest of the old booster set, ensuring the pipework and the electrical installation was isolated correctly. Also, on the control panel we added controls for all the sumps in the underground tank room. Finally, we upgraded the level control in the tank to radar to stop flooding the future.

The Results

As a result, our client now had a reliable water supply for processing their chickens with minimal interruption during the installation. The other benefits from this were it enabled easier maintenance, eliminated the need for confined space, therefore reducing health and safety risks.

With the new level control, the risk of doing so was massively reduced saving thousands of litres of water. And reducing headaches for the maintenance team.

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