Upgraded Waste Water System for a Food Manufacturer


The Challenge


A food manufacturer approached Dura Pump for a solution. They had the wastewater from their factory continually blocking on their gravity system, so they wanted an above ground pump system to remove the waste water from a manhole, and then pump overground to their treatment plant.

Submersible pumps could not be used in this situation due to the size of the manhole the liquid was being extracted from.


Our Solution

The solution that Dura Pump provided was to build a skid unit with 2 Rotomec KSM vortex pumps, controls, valves and manifolds – which made a self-priming unit able to suck the liquid out of the manhole. The complete unit was built up and tested in our workshop, ready for quick and easy installation on site. We used Rotomec KSM pumps due to the fact they have a 75mm clear passage and therefore could handle the solids in the system, which then could be filtered out by a duplex filter, also mounted on the skid.

The frame was galvanised and the control panel was mounted in an enclosure so that it could be installed outside. The control panel included hand off auto switches, run and trip lamps, a high level alarm, and main isolator. The control also automatically changed over duty of the pumps and also monitoring the levels and bringing in the standby pump when needed.

The system was delivered to site for our client to connect up to their system, as they had on site engineering capabilities in their team.


The Result

The solution gave our client an easy way to overcome issues with their gravity system, avoiding future blockages, reducing downtime in their factory and ultimately saving money. Also, it meant the wastewater could still be processed in their plant, reducing wastewater disposal costs and ensuring longevity of the system.


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