Are your cooling systems still running even though it’s winter?

Posted On Posted on 8th January, 2019 by Dura Pump

It is surprising how many people don’t realise that the pumps in their cooling systems are either still running at low capacity or running flat out, even when they are not required! This means that valuable energy is unnecessarily being wasted throughout the colder months, resulting in higher energy bills. Now is the time to determine how your cooling system is being controlled so that you can improve efficiency and make significant savings.



How we optimise your cooling system

Here at Dura Pump, we encourage our customers to harness the power of 3, which helps them to save significant energy, time, and money on their chiller operations. Whether it’s chillers for your building or chillers as part of your manufacturing process, there are several reasons why the power of 3 could help you.

It’s likely that your building or processes have been over-specified and set up to run at full volume, however, few operations actually need to run 24/7 365 days a year at full power. Our team review your needs and reconfigure the system so it runs to optimum capacity, rather than full capacity. This saves energy as well as reducing the wear and tear on the system, so it lasts longer.

In addition, some of your equipment may be inefficient due to wear and tear, especially if the systems have been running more than they needed to! We analyse how the system is running and repair or replace equipment where necessary. Many systems are also not inverter-driven, so we incorporate inverters that enable the pump or motor to rotate at varying speeds according to the frequency of the output.

Our chiller pump services give you the power of 3: a 3-year payback on any work that we do (based on the energy saved), a 3-year warranty on all the work we do, and 3 years’ free servicing.




Helping our customers save energy

Saving energy is a key focus for governments across the world and a key focus for us. Pumps currently account for 20% of Europe’s total electricity consumption, so finding ways of saving energy in these operations is crucial. We offer free energy saving site surveys to assess the needs of your system and make recommendations so that building and facilities managers can reduce their energy wastage and energy bills.

Often when we are required to carry out a survey we find that a process that is being performed by a set of two or three pumps can actually be done by one. The motor power output is also often much higher than needed, which was the case for Glazpart who we helped by replacing two 51 kW pumps running at full speed with two 30 kW pumps with suitable controls to run as needed. The 51 kW pumps were running most days of the year, and every night an engineer was having to turn them off, alternate the pumps, and then turn them back on in the morning.

As well as more efficient pumps we specified Danfoss inverters and suitable controls, which were programmed to monitor the temperature of the chilled water and control the pumps accordingly. We automated the pumps, turning them on and off at specific times and alternating duty.

This left Glazpart with an approximate annual saving of £22,000 on energy, achieving project payback in just under 10 months.


Choosing the right chiller pump for you

Sometimes the most cost-effective solution, when you’re experiencing breakdowns due to an inefficient chiller pump or chilled water system, is to replace it. We have access to an extensive supply of chiller pumps, whether you are creating a new system or you need to replace a failed chiller pump. We can source obsolete chiller pumps, and we’re great at supplying the best direct substitute if the one you need is no longer available. We make sure we use our experience to specify the solution that gives you the best value for your cash.



Book your energy saving survey today

Get in touch with us today to arrange your free energy saving site survey and discover how much you could save by optimising your cooling system during the winter. An experienced Dura Pump consultant will take down the details of your pumps, the way your system is set out, and the amount of time and money that is currently being expended. Using flow analysis software we are able to determine whether energy savings could be made, and recommend ways to streamline the system.

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