Everything You Need To Know About Obsolete Heating Pumps

Posted On Posted on 10th June, 2022 by Ozz

Why can’t I get single phase canned/glandless heating pumps?

The 3-phase 415v canned or glandless heating pumps are no longer available as manufacturers had to redesign their pumps to be European ErP Directive compliant. This is an energy related products directive which plans to reduce carbon emissions on heating systems.

The new design of pumps are typically variable speed – in contrast with older pumps that are generally three or four speed – like the popular Grundfos UPS to a Magna 1 or 3. Whilst variable speed pumps undoubtedly increase efficiency, the ErP directive requirements also mean manufacturers can no longer produce 3-phased fixed speed canned pumps. Put simply, this means any company that needs to replace a 3-phase pump would need to rewire part of the system to accommodate a variable speed pump.

Side by side comparison

Old Lowara 3-phase Pump New Lowara 3-phase Pump

Is it difficult to replace 3-phase (415v) with single phase (240v) pumps?

To replace a 3-phase pump with a single-phase pump can prove to be awkward – generally depending on the control setup and availability of a neutral. If there is a neutral on the system, it does make it easier to convert the wiring to suit a single-phase pump. If the system is without a neutral, the new supply will need to be brought into the control panel which can be costly.

Another key challenge is that most inverter driven pumps require a constant power supply and use a run signal to activate ON/OFF. In contrast, older 3-phase pumps are typically turned ON/OFF via contactors in the panel. In order to accommodate the run signal for the single-phase pumps, pump-operating businesses typically require a control system upgrade which is often more costly on older systems.

Are any 3-phase heating pumps still available?

There are a few different options of 3-phase heating pumps still available, but these are mainly glanded pumps, rather than glandless or canned pumps. 3-phase glanded pumps are available in both fixed and variable speed. In most cases, we can still supply a pump with the same duty and face-to-face dimensions that matches up with your existing pipework. The main disadvantage is pump size: larger pumps can prove difficult to install as the space required is not alway available.

Although glanded pumps can be more expensive to purchase, they can help you save critical time and costs when it comes to processes like installation and replacement wiring from 3-phase to single-phase, so they are definitely worth considering if they fit your needs.

Some examples of popular glanded pumps are the Grundfos TP, TPD, TPED, TPE pumps, KSB Etaline and Etaline Z pumps and the Lowara LNTE, LNTS and LNTEH pumps. In most cases, one of these model pumps can be specified to match your existing pump and whilst maintaining the existing 3-phase wiring.

For some 3-phase pumps, older pump head models are still available: meaning you can replace just a single pump head. Whilst this might help prevent having to rewire or undergo pipework modifications, it’s worth noting that the key disadvantage of this method is that the old heads are typically more expensive and obsolete. Put simply, replacing a single pump head is only really buying time and once another part on the pump fails, a replacement part is unlikely to be available.

Got a question about obsolete heating pumps?

Want to know more about ErP Directive requirements? If you’ve got a question about obsolete pumps, or want to know more about ensuring the future of your pump systems, get in touch with our team today.

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