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As far as solving pumping solutions go, submersible pumps are the tool for the job. Sometimes waterways or pumping systems suffer from buildups of waste as a result of poor filtering and a quality submersible pump is the solution required.

At Dura Pump we don’t just believe any submersible pump is the answer to water treatment needs—we only trust products created by manufactures we can trust to meet the Dura Pump ethos: only top products get the best results. That’s why we use submersible pumps created by Rotomec.


What is a submersible pump?

As far as pumping systems go, submersible pumps are some of the most common and useful. Submersible pumps consist of a pump body with a hermetically sealed motor attached and the whole body of the pump can be submerged in water without the interior being damaged.

They are adaptable pieces of equipment that can be utilised in a variety of installments—dependent on the model—to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved. They are reasonably quiet and with the right provider, they can keep a pump system maintained for years.



Who are Rotomec?

Since 1977, Rotomec has faced every challenge with enthusiasm and pro-activity, with the solid belief that their staff are investing in building their future. They are a dynamic company who are constantly evolving and their product innovation enables them to increase and improve their range with ever more capable machines that are suitable to satisfy the most demanding customers—Dura Pump’s customers.

Rotomec have gained experience over the years and the constant attention to the quality of our products are the aspects that have helped make them one of the major players in the market for the treatment of wastewater.

This is a dynamic and constantly evolving brand, where product innovation has allowed to expand and improve the range of submersible pumps, developing new solutions in the industrialisation of pumping systems.

Rotomec Pumping solutions

Rotomec have a wide variety of manufactured pumps with a variety of uses. Each specific model and range is designed for application in different environments and is carefully manufactured to dispose of or filter the pollutants from waterways.


Submersible Pumps for Small Lifts

Ideal for dealing with smaller and more isolated pump requirements such as small waterways, domestic drains or industrial projects.


  • Submersible nickel-chrome stainless steel pumps, with vertical discharge port.
  • Open leveled impeller (CF), or Vortex impeller (CV).
  • Motor cooled by the pumped water with sliding between motor jacket and external jacket.
  • Double shaft seal with interposed oil chamber.
  • Minimum size and great performance, for use in the most diverse applications.
  • Small lifts of domestic and rainwater with solid bodies in suspension up to a diameter of 10 mm.
  • For emptying flooded rooms, garages and basements, water withdrawal from ponds, water courses for irrigation. Min. level emptying 15mm (CF) 32mm (CV).


  • Stainless steel vortex impeller.
  • Cast iron pump body.
  • Non-polluting dielectric liquid bath motor.
  • Built-in thermal protection for the single-phase version.
  • Lifting of sewage and rainwater, domestic drains, industrial drains.


  • Submersible electric pump with vortex impeller.
  • Cast iron pump body.
  • Stainless steel vortex impeller.
  • Non-polluting dielectric liquid bath motor.
  • Built-in thermal protector for the single-phase version.
  • Small sewage lifts, domestic drains and rainwater.


  • Vortex impeller.
  • Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Non-polluting dielectric liquid bath motor.
  • Built-in thermal protector for the single-phase version.
  • Lifting of sewage water, domestic waste, industrial wastewater and rainwater.



Submersible Grinding Pumps

A Grinder Pump is a centrifugal pump equipped with a grinder system at the pump inlet, which cuts larger particles and fibres into a homogeneous wastewater mass. As a result, the risk of clogging is reduced to a minimum.


  • Open impeller and shredder.
  • Lifting and transfer of sewage and wastewater under pressure with small section pipes, the shredder breaks up the solid bodies avoiding clogging.
  • Made from cast iron G25.
  • 0.9 to 9.5kW power.


T Series Submersible Pumps

A fantastic solution for dealing with more viscous materials or liquids that contain thicker elements such as salt water or muds.


  • Vortex impeller.
  • Double seal in oil chamber.
  • Max. Temperature of the liquid: 40 ° C.
  • Sewer lifting, rainwater and groundwater, civil and industrial wastewater with non-abrasive suspended solids, biological muds.
  • 0.55 to 1.5kW.


  • Vortex recessed impeller
  • Lifting of raw sewage, biological sludge, industrial wastewater and rainwater.
  • 0.9 to 2.5kW


  • Vortex recessed impeller.
  • TFX version is made of AISI 316 stainless steel for aggressive liquids.
  • TF: Sewerage pumping, rainwater, biological sludge, industrial wastewater.
  • TFX: Pumping of aggressive sewage water, acid industrial waste, sea water.


Submersible Pumps Series RS-BT

A submersible pumping solution that can stand up to coming into contact with solids in waterways ways while withstanding interaction with more damaging viscous liquids such as fermented sludge.

RS Series

  • Sewerage pumping, wastewater with solids and long fibers, rainwater, fermented sludge also with the presence of gas.

BT Series

  • Two-channel open impeller and self-cleaning diffuser.
  • Chopper version with hardened diffuser and impeller.
  • Sewerage pumping, wastewater with solids and long fibers, rainwater, mud even with the presence of gas.


How can Rotomec pumps help you?

With an excellent range of pumps in this brand, a reliable, long lasting and quality solution is inevitable to keep your systems flowing without breakdown.

Rotomec’s diverse range of products, including pumps and equipment for transfer and treatment of wastewater in the civil, industrial, ecological and zootechnical fields, allows Dura Pump to provide our valued customers with the best pumping solution for any of their needs.

Dura Pump helped a busy food manufacture to get production back on track after their 5.5kW Grundfos submersible pumps began failing constantly. They needed a long-term solution to avoid costly repairs and get their business back on track.

So what was our solution? We specified two new Rotomec RS Vortex pumps with a 75mm solid handling capacity. This pump was the best solution for the amount of waste being produced.

For eighteen months the food manufacturer has gone without any issues with their new Rotomec pumps installed by Dura Pump. Not to mention we supplied two more pumps for a further pit to combat morebreakdowns from a previous installer.


Can Dura Pump make a Rotomec pump your next solution?

At Dura Pump we’re at the forefront of providing a diverse range of services for your pumping solutions. We provide a 24 hour service to assist with the smallest or largest pumps. We have experience across a huge range of pump systems, and have built a store of knowledge and parts to supply partners.

We know how to ensure you experience minimum downtime during the repair. We will also advise you on how to increase efficiency and savings whenever we see it’s possible during the repair process.

We also offer installation across a huge variety of pumps and pump systems, and there are few industries and sectors we haven’t worked in; if it’s liquid you may be sure Dura Pump has the knowledge and experience.

So if you need a new pumping system or want to scrap your current one, let Dura Pump find you the perfect solution. By using manufacturers we trust like Rotomec we can guarantee our customers are going to get the best from our pumps every single time.

Find out more about Rotomec or check out our previous pumping solutions. Our knowledgeable team are always happy to answer your queries or concerns so contact us today on 01604 648 800 or email


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