How Do You Know If Your Pump Station Is Being Serviced Correctly?

Posted On Posted on 10th November, 2022 by Ozz

Having your pump station serviced correctly is essential to ensure the system remains operational and you are not caught out with a flood on your hands. We put together a list below of checks which should be carried out on a pump station to ensure this is serviced correctly. Make sure you’re familiar with them!



#1: Check operation of non-return valves

This is to ensure they’re not letting the waste return/recirculate back into the pump station.

#2: Raise and clean pumps

This is to check the condition of the pump and remove any build up or blockages in the volute/impeller. Also remember to check couplings and guide rail operation so in the event of a breakdown the pumps can still be removed easily.

#3: Check and clear blockages were possible

This is to minimise chances of future blockages within the pump station.

#4: Check mechanical seal for leaks

This protects the motor from water ingress so checking this gives an early warning if there is any failure occurring.

#5: Physical check of control panel condition, switches and earthing

This ensures the system is safe to operate and is in good working order.

#6: Cabling connections

Ensuring there is no risk of fire or overheating.

#7: Check motor electrical condition

Electrical check on a motor to check the windings and insulation of the pump.

#8: Check level operations

This ensures they are set to the correct level and the automatic level function of the pump station is working.

#9: Check the condition of all pipework and manifolds

This is to ensure there is no leaking pipework and the integrity of it is still maintained.

#10: Check the overall condition of the system as a whole

Ensuring the tank and safety of the system can operate as it should do and to its optimum.



Still Unsure? Just Call on Dura Pump

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