How Failed Sump Pumps Are Wasting Energy On Your District Heating System

Posted On Posted on 5th May, 2022 by Ozz

Did you know failed sump pumps on your district heating system can cause significant heat loss? This in turn results in not only wasted energy, but also staggering increases in energy bills. With rising energy costs presenting a major concern for businesses, we’ve put together a short blog to help minimise energy wastage in your district heating system.

Put simply, if a sump pump fails in a main district heating duct, the water level will rise up and around the pipework, transferring the heat from the pipework to the water in the duct. This not only results in losing heat to the buildings – it also makes your boilers work overtime to keep up with demand.

What is a district heating system?

District heating systems are often found to be used in large building complexes such as universities, hospitals, prisons, and manufacturing plants. A central boiler house will commonly distribute the heating water through a ring main of pipework around the site, with each building drawing heat from this central network.

Is it essential for my district heating system to have a sump pump?

If your district heating system runs in a duct throughout your site, then there is a high chance it may fill with natural water or from any leaks in the pipework. It is therefore essential to install sump pumps at any low points in your system, as this removes any water build up that might result in future system failure if left untreated.

How do I identify an issue with failed sump pumps? 

Simply lift the manhole covers on the district heating system and check if there is any water present around the pipework. If there is, this will most likely be wasting energy and causing corrosion to your pipework. This issue is likely to be caused by a failed pump or a failed level control.

How can Dura Pump enhance district heating systems?

Dura pump can offer supply, installation, repair and maintenance of:

– Circulating/Heating Pumps
– Sump Pumps
– Boiler Feed Pumps
– Shunt Pumps
– Valves
– Inverters/Variable Speed Drives

Our services on the above systems can often be carried out on site or in our workshop. We also offer energy saving visits to identify if your pumps are running at optimum efficiency.

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