What is the best Jet Aerator for me? Jet Aerators: A Free Buyer’s Guide by Dura Pump

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Here at Dura Pump, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise around all-things pumps. In our latest buyers’ guide, we share some top advice around jet aeration technology and its benefits to business across all sectors of industry, highlighting our featured product range by the experts at Landia. Check it out!

Whilst we rarely see them in plain view, aeration systems play a vital role and can be found all around us. But what do jet aerators do? Whilst their workings are complex, the answer is relatively simple: jet aerators work by pumping oxygen into a liquid or sludge using aspitating technology, increasing oxygen levels as a result.

Incredibly versatile and used across virtually all industries, jet aeration systems can be used in applications including:

  • Sewage treatment plans
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Processing from landfills
  • Waste processing
  • Pulp & paper processing
  • Hydrogen peroxide production


The list goes on, and there are currently thousands of jet aeration systems in the market. Whilst the choice of jet aerators is vast, many systems tend to offer the same benefits, like:

Oxygen transfer efficiency & energy savings
Unlike any other pump system, jet aerators provide superior oxygen transfer efficiency when compared to other aeration technologies. The hydrodynamic conditions within the system yields a fine bubble cloud which produces continuous surface renewal at the interface between the gas and the liquid. The end result is superior process oxygen transfer performance, leading to significant energy savings.

Process flexibility
When it comes to aeration, process flexibility is a must. Thankfully, jet aeration systems offer just that, requiring no compressor apart from the atmosphere which surrounds it – nifty! These systems can be installed as submersible units or even piped through tank walls to feed the ejectors. Easily configured and ideally suited for deep tank processes, their jet oxidation ditch combines to make an efficient and extremely flexible treatment process.
The benefits of jet aerator systems are significant. However, with all the choices out there, it helps to turn to a brand that’s reputed in this area. That’s where Dura Pump’s Landia range comes in…

Jet Aerators: Why Choose the Landia Range?

With decades of experience in aeration technology, no jet aerators offer benefits quite like Landia’s. Available in a range of options, Landia’s Airjet range can keep the wastewater fresh in your wastewater tanks and can be installed in most types of tanks. These innovative products can even be installed as a submersible version where the system is lowered into the tank for mounting.

Landia’s Airjet range sets itself apart from rival products thanks to its efficient oxygen transfer rates – even in liquids with high solids contents. This makes it an obvious choice, particularly for sewage and sludge applications. However, regardless of your application needs, you can expect a more economical and effective approach to aeration when using the Airjet.

From it’s efficiency to its capability and flexibility, there’s lots of reasons to consider upgrading to a Landia Airjet system. To make your decision easier, we’ve pulled together some of the top benefits offered by the range:

Automated & convenient
When it comes to aeration systems, it doesn’t get any more convenient than Landia’s Airjet range. Whilst the self-aspirating system requires no compressed air supply, the non-clogging aeration system means that no cleaning is required. What’s more, the system is extremely easy to install – even in a full tank!

High performance, low cost
Unlike any other jet aeration system, Landia’s Airjet system combines aeration and mixing to guarantee unprecedented levels of performance. This can be enjoyed along with the added benefits of very low maintenance costs – only the pump needs to be serviced!

Less noise, less odour
When you work with Landia’s Airjet range, you can expect significant odour reduction – and that’s down to how the system prevents septicity. Furthermore, you can also enjoy less unwanted noise due to its reduced vibration levels.

Regardless of your aeration needs, Landia offers a solution. To view Dura Pump’s full range of Landia Airjet systems, click here.

Dura Pump: Your Trusted Supplier of Landia Airjet Products

Dura Pump specialises in connecting our customers with their perfect jet aeration systems. To enquire around our full range of Landia products and jet aeration systems, contact us today for a free consultation!

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