How much energy are you wasting on heating?

Posted On Posted on 9th October, 2018 by Dura Pump

Are you pumping money down the drain? You might very well be wasting energy on heating and spending much more than you need to. Heating systems used in commercial environments waste a huge amount of energy, through common issues such as incorrect specification, or running constantly at full power.

It’s likely that you could make significant energy savings.

We visit thousands of sites every year. At the majority of them, regardless of the sector, there is an opportunity to create significant energy savings. One area that is particularly important at the moment is heating. As the weather begins to deteriorate your heating will be working harder.

Facilities and building service managers should be looking at upgrading or replacing current heating systems to increase efficiency, which happens to be one of the main benefits of heating pumps.

According to First Utility, UK energy saving experts, air source heat pumps have 300% efficiency – for every unit of energy they use, they produce three units of heat making them three times more efficient than traditional electric and gas heating systems. Heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and more cooling comfort in summer months.

For those that already have a heating pump, there are still ways to boost its efficiency. The age and type of industrial pump in operation is a serious consideration when it comes to assessing whether to replace or maintain an existing system. Check out our guide on whether to repair or replace your heating pump to learn more.

Efficiency can also be increased by installing a variable speed drive, AKA an inverter drive. Variable speed drives control how a pump is used, ensuring it supplies a constant pressure. As the demands of your heating system rise and fall, the variable speed drive either speeds up or slows down the pump. Your choice of variable speed drive is vital to its effectiveness so we will ensure you select the right one to optimize your pump usage and save you time, energy and money.

Book an energy audit.

Our energy saving service consists of a health check to examine how your pumps are working and how much time and money is being expended, a redesign to improve the system leading to significant savings, installation of the system, and maintenance to ensure it continues to run at maximum efficiency.

The Dura Pump team worked closely with Milton Keynes Hospital to complete a full upgrade of their facilities. An energy audit concluded that significant energy savings could be made. After removing failing pumps and replacing them with new, more efficient heating pumps, Milton Keynes Hospital now has a fully revamped and updated plant room with a brand new pump system that they can rely on.

Get in touch to book your free energy audit and find out how much energy you could be saving by improving your heating system. Call us today on 01604 648 800, email or fill in our online enquiry form.

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