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Posted On Posted on 20th January, 2020 by Dura Pump
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If your current pump system is in any way poorly designed or inefficient then you could be pumping away thousands and thousands of pounds annually. That’s before you start draining away costly repairs that could have been quickly resolved with a professional solution.

Replacing or updating your pump system can seem overwhelming and with downtime and overheads to consider, you need to be confident that you are getting the most reliable system and service. Find out how Dura Pump provided an engineering specialist with exactly that as well as £50,000 in savings.


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Minimum Downtime, Maximum Results and £50,000 Savings

A large, global Engineering Consultancy that specialises in all aspects of advanced internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems were using an old inefficient pump system to keep their test facility up and running…or more like up and slow walking with such an outdated pump system!

With basic controls and column pumps installed 30 years ago struggling to meet the demands of their business, the company’s productivity and profitability were being restricted by poor, unreliable and inconsistent pressure. The Consultancy was tired of not being able to advance and achieve better results. Understandably, they were also reluctant to update due to concerns about detrimental downtime setting their profits back while a new pump system was installed.

Dura Pump’s engineers took a look at the replacement pump system the Consultancy had been initially specified but we knew, based on their needs, we had a better way to meet their requirements and keep their process functioning.

From our on-site workshop, we designed a bespoke skid frame that was pre-assembled with a full pump system, including five KSB Etaline 18.5kW centrifugal pumps, pipework, sensors, pressure vessels and a control panel with integrated inverter controls. Every single part of that pump system was ready to go and when it arrived at the site, it was completely ready for install.

Dura Pump engineers used the most up to date pipe crimping systems and their years of experience to switch the large system over pump by pump to keep the process going. The downtime was reduced to 2 hours but most of the system remained operational throughout meaning no losses to the Consultancy’s profits but big results.

The whole system is effectively optimised with actuated valves controlling the flows and the triple pressure vessel ensuring there’s a constant pressure. The Consultancy now has reliable pumps, is achieving processing results more than ever and is making huge energy savings to save them money. Almost £50,000 worth!


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How Dura Pump can improve your process 

From design and specification to manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance, Dura Pump are confident that we are the only fluid control specialist that guarantees increased productivity and profitability for our clients through reliable and efficient solutions.

From the initial site survey to design plans, through to the handover after commissioning, our engineers and experienced team are always focused on the best solution for you with reliability as a cornerstone of everything we do.

Whether your existing system is failing or you need increased capacity and production, our pumping pros can provide the solution that’s specified exactly to your requirements. We see the bigger picture of your production and listen to your demands so that the system we supply is entirely accurate to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability.


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What does your company stand to save? 

Our turnkey solutions are available with as little or as much support as you need from supply-only to full install and commissioning. Every system will arrive on site ready to go to reduce site intervention and make the changeover as undisruptive to you as possible. That means very little loss to your production process and big savings in hidden costs that long-winded, frustrating installations incur.

By replacing your outdated, inefficient pumps with an optimised and modern system from one of the many acclaimed brands Dura Pump use, you stand to save thousands of kilowatts each year going forward. Payback times through energy-saving can provide you with a new system, self-funded by the energy savings in 6 – 24 months.

We enjoy providing solutions so give us your challenge and our committed team will provide you with a reliable and efficient solution. Call Dura Pump today on 01604 648 800 and discover how we can help you improve your business with a specialist solution that has your company in mind

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