Pump systems now account for 20% of the world’s electrical energy demand

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This contributes to tons of unwanted carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Dura Pump is on a mission to reduce this consumption by optimising the efficiency of the pump systems they recommend and install. Energy saving is at the top of our list of benefits to deliver to our environment and our customers.

What is pump efficiency?

Pump efficiency is how effective a pump is in converting useful energy from its power source to the pump output. In many older pump systems, up to 30% of energy is not used and as a result is wasted.

All pumps offer different levels of efficiency and Dura Pump ensures that the most efficient pumps are used on all projects we work on.

Why you should be interested in pump efficiency.

Apart from the clear implications to the planet, day to day operating reasons are noise, overheating, wear and tear and business disruption. Ultimately, more efficient pumps will save you money. An inefficient pump wastes energy, which means higher electricity costs. It also costs more money in terms of labour, repairs, spares and downtime.
Dura Pump has created a calculator to help you better understand the amount of money you are spending on running your pumps. If you are experiencing increased energy costs, then click on the link below to calculate how much you are spending on keeping your pumps running.

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It’s a simple but effective calculator that highlights how much your pumps are costing you to run. For example, if you have 5no. 5.5KW pumps at your business, running for 18 hours per day, for 260 days per year and you are paying 20p a kWh, you would be spending over £25,000 running your pumps every year.

What Dura Pump will do to help you with your pump efficiency.

Health Check

We conduct an initial site survey, examine how your pumps are working and assess the amount of time and money that your current pumps are using. We will then use the latest flow analysis software to determine exactly where energy is being lost in your production.


Once we have established where energy is being lost, we put our recommendations together to help you improve your system. At this point, we will also advise you on how much you will need to invest, along with an estimate of how long it will take to recoup your investment.


We will install the chosen recommendation making sure we minimise your downtime to ensure as little disruption to your productivity as possible. Before leaving, our skilled engineers will confirm that they are 100% confident that the system is running to optimum efficiency.


To continue running on maximum energy efficiency, your pump system will need to be maintained. We offer maintenance contracts to suit your needs and to make sure your pumps are operating at full performance and are continuing to save energy with minimal wear and tear.

If you are ready to make a significant impact on both the planet and your operational costs, then call us today on 01604 648 800 or email mail@durapump.co.uk

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