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Posted On Posted on 25th March, 2024 by Dura Pump

Spirotech is an expert in system water quality in closed HVAC systems.

They were the first in the Netherlands to start developing air and dirt separators for use in heating and cooling installations/systems. This saves energy and prevents wear and tear on system components including pumps.

A leading producer and supplier with their own laboratory make Spirotech an expert and market leader in their field, licensed to certify and train others on their innovations.

Dura Pump could not think of anyone better to certify them to commission, service and repair Superior refill, degasser units, and fixed vessels. As a leading UK pump specialist, Dura Pump is one of the few companies in the country with this qualification.

The accreditation allows our technical team to ensure the proper functioning, maintenance and repair of specific products manufactured by Spirotech. This is specially designed equipment intended for water treatment or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

Commissioning, servicing, and repairing these products are essential tasks to maintain water quality, system efficiency, and overall performance in various industrial and commercial applications.

To break down these components:

Commissioning: This involves the initial setup and testing of the Spirotech products to ensure they are installed correctly and operating as intended. Commissioning may include tasks such as system configuration, calibration, and performance testing to verify functionality.

Servicing: This refers to routine maintenance and upkeep of the Spirotech products to keep them in optimal condition. Servicing activities may include cleaning, lubricating, inspecting components for wear and tear, and replacing any worn or faulty parts to prevent breakdowns and ensure continued performance.

Repairing: In the event of malfunction or damage, repairing involves diagnosing the issue and fixing any problems with the Spirotech products. Repair tasks may range from simple adjustments and troubleshooting to more complex repairs, such as replacing components or addressing mechanical or electrical issues.

Mark Boccetti, Technical Advisor from Spirotech comments “This specialist technical training is only offered to specialists in their field who we feel are competent and experienced enough to represent Spirotech and their products and services. Dura Pump is one of these UK companies and we are proud that they hold this certification.”


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