Can I Reduce My Energy Bill by Optimising My Pumps?

Posted On Posted on 7th April, 2022 by Ozz

How much does it cost to run my pumps?

Understanding the running costs of your pumps is essential, especially if you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption and overheads. All pumps require differing amounts of power to function, so without knowing the specifics of your pump system, it’s difficult to provide an accurate answer to how much they cost to run.

Dura Pump Cost Calculator

We’ve put together a short guide below to help you work out the average costs according to the size of your pumps:

Pump Size Price Per KWh 14p Price Per KWh 20p Price Per KWh 44p
Large Pumps 110KW £134,904.00 £192,720.00 £423,984.00
75KW £91,980.00 £131,400.00 £289,080.00
52KW £63,772.00 £91,104.00 £211,992.00
Medium 30KW £36,792.00 £52,560.00 £115,632.00
20KW £26,980.80 £38,544.00 £84,796.80
18.5KW £22,688.40 £32,412.00 £71,306.40
Small 11KW £13,490.40 £19,272.00 £42,398.40
5.5KW £6,745.20 £9,636.00 £21,199.20
1.1KW £1,349.04 £1,927.00 £4,239.84

*Please note, the above is indicative as pumps will not usually run at full power around the clock all year round.

How can we reduce this?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your pumps are contributing to your electricity consumption and having an effect on your bills. If that’s the case, then it’s also fundamental to consider the impact that your pumps are having on the planet.

It may be simple, but it’s worth noting that ‘the larger the pump the more it will cost to run’. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that all pumps are specified for the purpose. This table demonstrates that 20no. 5.5kw pumps and 30no. 1.1kw pumps running at 14p per kilowatt, result in a £176,725.20 spend to run your pumps for one year.

How can Dura Pump help reduce costs?

Did you know that pumps actually waste energy 95% of the time? Tackling inefficiency is key to reducing expenses, with a typical Dura Pump customer saving 35-40% on energy costs. We offer free energy-saving audits, helping businesses identify areas of inefficiency and supplying the right equipment to mitigate energy wastage. Our pump optimisation service evaluates a number of factors that could be affecting your energy outputs such as:

– Types of pumps
– Pump sizes
– Supporting equipment like inverters and valves
– Booster sets
– Maintenance plans
– Upgrade packages

If you’re concerned about your energy consumption, or would like to learn about how optimising your pumps can help massively reduce your energy costs, get in touch with the Dura Pump team today.

Save 35-40% on energy costs with Dura Pump

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