Talking power at Borehole Users Conference 2016

Posted On Posted on 22nd June, 2016 by Dura Pump

The annual Borehole Users Conference 2016 is set to include an informative talk on the power requirements for borehole pumps by John Calder, borehole expert and Director here at Dura Pump. The conference, run by Envireau Water, will be held at East Midlands Airport on 26th October 2016.

The talk will discuss the many opportunities to save power and harness a greater control of borehole pump systems. It will also cover the distinction between three-phase and single-phase systems, and how direct online, soft-start and inverter-driven control systems can differ.

We are always looking for new platforms to share our knowledge and discuss the possibilities that different systems can offer, in order to ultimately save costs on powering borehole pumps and provide the users with a greater level of control over the system.

John was invited to speak at the conference after playing an instrumental part in solving a borehole problem at Luton Sixth Form College, where considerable cost had been incurred replacing a pump four times in just five years. With our full analysis and the correct guidance and specification, the way forward was agreed and work carried out. As a result of this work, the issues were resolved and further unnecessary costs were prevented, resulting in a satisfied customer.

The Borehole Users Conference is in its fourth year as an annual event and attracts users and industry professionals from across the country.

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