What are the Benefits of Screening Wastewater Effectively?

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It’s a fact that municipal and industrial wastewater can contain large solids made up of debris, which can lead to major blockages and damage to downstream treatment equipment. However, these issues can be resolved by wastewater screening. In the latest blog from Dura Pump, we highlight the benefits of screening wastewater effectively. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Wastewater Screening?

Before we delve into our advice, let’s take a look at what wastewater screening actually entails. Wastewater screening involves the removal of solids up a certain size from the initial source before it enters the treatment plant. There are a number of different screening methods which will depend on the solid type, as well as the volume of waste.

What are the Different Methods of Wastewater Screening?

There are three main systems for wastewater screening: bar screens, rotary drum screens and screw screens. To aid our customers’ understanding of this process, we’ve broken down these key screening methods below:

Wastewater Screening Method #1: Bar Screens

Bar Screen for clening water

Bar screens are engineered to remove large solids that are within the waste water system. The screens do this by using bar, comb or chain rakes to remove the solids from the liquid.

These screens can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, ranging from slaughterhouses to paper mills and food & beverage businesses. These products are often made-to-size, meaning your bar screen will usually be specific to your system.

  • Fixed in one position and made to fit into waste water channels
  • Designed to remove medium to fine solids from the waste
  • Cost-saving benefits due to reduced blockages
  • Made with self-cleaning components such as washing nozzles and brushes to maximise its service life


Wastewater Screening Method #2: Rotary Drum Screens

Rotary Drum for screening water

Rotary Drum Screens are used in wastewater channels and are connected to waste water pipes. This means they can be used in both factory situations and sewage works. These drums filter the solids with its rotating screen through an opening where a waste bin collects the solids.

  • Made from strong, durable stainless steel
  • Low maintenance due to self-cleaning components
  • Compact size
  • An improved double washing system


Wastewater Screening Method #3: Screw Screens

Screw method for screening water

Screw screen filters separate solids from liquids to prevent blockages or other issues occurring further down the system. The system is designed to raise the solids up with an auger which are then deposited in a waste removal container.

  • This screen is Self-cleaning with brushes attached to the screw
  • Removes a high percentage of solids
  • Low maintenance
  • Screen is customised for your system


The Advantages of Wastewater Screening

Engineer at water screening plant

There are many benefits behind effective wastewater screening. These key advantages include:

  • Cheaper waste disposal: The waste can be disposed of as solid matter instead of sludge. This reduces the cost of waste disposal.
  • Reduced blockages: Wastewater screening reduces blockages in the pipework and clogging of the equipment which extends the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Boosted capacity & efficiency: By reducing blockages, wastewater screening can significantly enhance the capacity and efficiency of a treatment plant.
  • Less repairs: Wastewater screening fundamentally reduces damage to pumps and other equipment on the system, saving you time, money and hassle.
  • Greater convenience: By taking the right steps with wastewater screening, you can significantly reduce the need for engineer attention and the costs that come with it.


Wastewater Screening: Get Started with Dura Pump Now

We’re passionate about using our decades of experience and expertise to transform the productivity, efficiency and profitability at the heart of our customers’ businesses. To find the perfect wastewater screening solution for your business, reach out to us for a free, expert consultation.

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