What Head or Pressure Does My Heating Pump Need to Be?

Posted On Posted on 17th November, 2022 by Ozz

Here at Dura Pump, our team is frequently approached with the question ‘what pressure does my heating pump need to be at?’. In other cases, we get asked to supply a heating pump that does 20 metres a head because the building is 20 metres tall. In a short blog, we answer both questions. See more below.

The fact is the height of the building does not directly affect the pressure output required on a heating pump. Typically, a heating system will be a circuit/loop of pipe, so as the water heats up it will naturally rise and the cooler water will sink/drop, creating circulation around the circuit.

However, there are obviously restrictions in the system such as friction losses in the pipework, regulating valves, radiators, isolation valves, AHU units etc. Therefore, a pump is needed to overcome these losses by providing extra pressure and flow around the system.

The pump head or pressure that is needed is not the height of the building, but the pressure needed to overcome the losses/restrictions in the system. This is a very basic explanation of the specification of a heating pump but hopefully helps to overcome the myth that a heating pump needs to have the same head as the height of the building.


Dura Pump Heating Pump Distribution Diagram


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