Who Manufactures Progressive Cavity Pumps?

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The Dura Pump team is often approached with one frequently-asked question: what manufactures are there of progressive cavity pumps? In our latest blog, we  set out the main manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps for the UK market. Read the full piece below and don’t forget to visit our blog for more pump industry insights!


Mono is one of the leading and most well-known brands. This is to the extent that progressive cavity pumps are often referred to as Mono pumps!

The manufacturer of Mono pumps and parts is Novo. This company manufactures a wide product range suitable for the pumping of fluids within the wastewater, chemical, food, beverage, paper, mining, mineral processing, marine, agricultural and oil & gas sectors. 

Mono pumps was founded in 1935 in London, UK and has since expanded its manufacturing and operations internationally. They were also the original producers of the EZstrip range of progressive cavity pumps – a real household name.


Seepex are another well-known progressive cavity pump manufacturer with their memorable strapline: ‘all things flow’. 

They have a large range of progressive cavity pumps for the food and beverage industry, environmental engineering, oil & gas and pharmaceuticals as well as many manufacturing applications. Seepex was founded in 1972 and has continued to expand globally ever since.


Netzsch is a well-established company founded in Germany in 1873 with a motto of ‘proven excellence’. 

Netzsch pumps are a versatile, innovative, high-performance brand providing a wide range of progressive cavity pumps, under the NEMO range, including many specialist solutions to the environmental and energy, food and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemicals and mining. Netzsch progressing cavity pumps offer you continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation pumping of a wide variety of media.


Roto Pumps have been manufacturing progressive cavity pumps for more than 50 years and are ranked among one of the top 10 companies in manufacturing positive displacement pumps. With a state of art manufacturing facility, they are continuing to increase their product portfolio covering a wide range of applications, such as chemical, defence, wastewater treatment and agriculture industry.


Sulzer is a global leader in fluid handling engineering, with over 150 years of experience building and developing products and services to drive a more sustainable world. Sulzer operates in some of the largest industries in the world, such as recycling, construction and civils, mining and metals and the power generation industry. 

The Sulzer brand was founded, by the Sulzer brothers, in 1834 and its headquarters are currently based in Winterthur, Switzerland. Sulzer offers a wide range of progressive cavity pumps, capable of providing near constant flow rate and suction lift for handling wastewater sludge, slurries, viscous and shear thinning non-Newtonian fluids.


PCM pumps go by the slogan ‘keep it moving’, and their commitments to attaining the highest level of quality, with products and service to the Oil & Gas and Food & Industry markets certainly demonstrate this. 

For around 85 years, PCM has been offering high-quality, cost-effective fluid handling solutions all based on low life-cycle costs. PCM progressive cavity range is centralised around their Moineau brand, with advanced technology ensuring that they can operate at a higher pressure than other positive displacement pumps.

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