How do you know whether to repair or replace a broken pump?

Six key factors to consider

The age and type of pump

  • An older pump system is not going to be as efficient or as reliable as a newer model with up-to-date, state of the art technology.
  • Some pump types have a longer life than others.
  • If there is life left in your pump, and you can live less efficiency for the time being, a repair is going to be most cost-effective.
  • Most new pumps offer much greener and more energy-efficient solutions. A replacement could therefore save more money over time through efficiency, than a repair.
  • Look at the risk of the repaired pump failing again because it has a shorter life span. If it failed, what would be the impact and cost to your organisation? If the impact and cost are relatively slight, then it’s worth a repair. If they are significant, then a replacement is going to provide much better insurance.

If you are unsure, talk to a pump specialist to find out more about the efficiency of what you have in place.

The pump’s run time

  • The longer the pump’s hours of run time, the more wear and tear it will have borne.
  • If the system has been running flat out for a number of years, it is more likely a replacement pump will be the best option
  • If the system has been in place for years, but doesn’t run all the time, the pump may be in good condition and a repair is all that’s needed

Analyse the ongoing costs of maintenance, repairs and downtime, and compare them with the cost of a new system. Invite us for a free site visit, and we will be able to do this for you.

How many repairs

  • If your pump system has already been repaired, especially if more than once, it is more likely that a replacement will be the best option
  • If it’s the first time it has needed a repair, then this is likely to be the right move

Ease of installation

  • Some installations are easier than others
    • Does the new pump fit the available space left by the old pump? If yes, a replacement is an easier decision. If no, the decision will depend on some of the other factors involved
    • Will there need to be costly reworking of the system, to make the new pump work effectively? If yes, it’s clearly an argument against a replacement that needs to be weighed up against the other factors

Regularity of failures

  • If the system is failing regularly, there may be something wrong with the pump that needs more analysis than the simple decision of repair or replace
  • It could be a faulty product in the first place; if it is covered under a warranty agreement the supplier should solve the problem for you
  • The pump may not have been installed correctly, and if so, some reworking could be all that you need
  • An analysis of the system is advised. Don’t put up with regular failures – there is no reason why a good, well-installed system should not work with no interruptions

Again, we will analyse this for you if you call us to discuss a free site visit

Lead times, disruption and down-times

  • Not all pumps are easily available from stock; can a new one be obtained within a reasonable lead time? A delay could prove costly, so an interim repair may be the only option
  • Is it a critical pump with no back up? A repair is likely to be less immediately disruptive than a replacement
  • If the risk of further failure would be even more disruptive than installing a replacement system, it’s worth scheduling the replacement
    • A good pump engineering team will fit their schedule around your quiet/shut times, such as school holidays or overnight

There is no right or wrong answer to whether to repair or replace. There is a careful weighing up of factors after intelligent analysis.

Here are Dura Pump, we will give you free advice.

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