65% Energy Reduction for Sustainability Sector Client

The Challenge

Energy efficiency is at the very top of the agenda for our recent client: an independent provider of energy reduction and zero carbon measures for business across the UK. With growing concerns about the inefficiency of eight Pullen belt-driven pumps, Dura Pump were called upon to modernise the system with cost-effective, energy efficient solutions.

In order to transform the existing, out-of-date pump system, the project would require the installation of new replacement pumps. There were also logistical challenges to overcome: the location of the pump room proved to be problematic as it was four stories high with limited access.

Our Solution

As part of the initial assessment, our consultants attended the site to identify both the current pain points and the future ambitions of the organisation. The first step involved calculating the energy savings and return on investment on the proposed scope of work.
As considerable savings were forecast as a result of our recommendations, we proceeded to supply and install eight high-performance KSB Etabloc end suction direct drive pumps with IE3 efficiency motors.
With changing demands from the pump system affecting the speed, the installation of variable speed drives was essential to ensure the efficient running of pumps at all times: reducing energy loss and maximising performance. By connecting these pumps to wall-mounted variable speed drives, the client can continue to monitor the differential pressure across the pumps.
Another key factor in the long-term success of the project was ensuring all external factors were in sync with the system. The Dura Pump team went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the system was carried out to the highest industry standards:

  • Set up an overhead gantry to ensure the safe transportation of pumps to the fourth floor pump room
  • Installed, fitted and carried out quality checks on all pumps
  • Ensured the complete system was wired correctly
  • Undertook essential pipework modifications
  • Installed and programmed inverters

The Results

The completion of this project was an overwhelming success, resulting in 65% energy savings compared with the previous system. The upgraded pump system and infrastructure improvements have directly contributed to both the client’s significantly reduced costs and energy consumption – a huge achievement!
We were delighted to deliver yet another transformation programme, facilitating our clients with a trustworthy pump system to support their sustainability efforts for years to come.

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