Perfect Circulation for Community Pool

pump provides pool circulation

The Challenge

The primary pump that provides pool circulation at our Council Customer’s community pool had failed. This meant that only one other pump was running and a third pump was missing, resulting in no backup. The end-of-life and outdated pump technology that the failed pump employed consumed a higher kilowattage. This led to increased power consumption, elevated operational costs and ultimately the pump failed. This was particularly concerning for a busy local pool.

Swimming pool pumps play a crucial role in maintaining an effective circulation system, which, in turn, governs the cleaning, filtration, and distribution of heat and chemicals within the pool. The pump is the heart of the circulation system, generating suction and pressure to keep the water in constant flow.

The Solution

In addressing the challenges faced by our customer, we introduced a new 18.5kW suction pump featuring a bronze impeller. This new pump system delivered updated technology, cost savings and peace of mind that the pump would continue to operate uninterrupted.

pump provides pool circulation


Reliability is paramount for a pool pump, and swift replacement in the event of failure is essential. An efficient pump typically achieves optimal circulation within 8 to 10 hours. Matching the flow rate to the water volume is critical to ensuring the circulation system’s effectiveness.

We also took the old pump back to the workshop for dismantling and inspection. We repaired the old pump and used it to replace the missing pump.

This strategic upgrade ensured not only enhanced reliability but also improved efficiency in the pool’s circulation system.

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