Upgraded Fire Set for a UK-based Prison

The Challenge

Dura Pump were called out to a regular client in Milton Keynes to inspect a 30kW fire set that needed overhauling as one of the pumps was leaking.

As part of this project, Dura Pump was faced with two challenges:

  1. There was no data plate on the pumps; and
  2. The pump in question was in the middle of the set, and therefore could not be removed forwards or backwards.

The challenge being faced by the customer, which resulted in them calling us out, was to keep their fire set in good working order and up to regulations to protect the site and its personnel.

Our Solution

Our solution to resolve this situation for the customer was to remove the pump using a 4m long gantry that spanned the set, enabling the pump to be lifted upwards and then manoeuvred via the gantry to outside of the plant room.

With the one pump now removed we left the remaining three pumps operational, and returned the faulty pump to our workshop for inspection.

Our engineers dismantled the pump and carried out a full inspection. Once the pump was fully identified we managed to specify exactly what mechanical seal, bearings and gaskets were needed to repair the pump. The pump went through our workshop process of being cleaned, repainted and rebuilt and tested with the new parts.

With the overhaul of the pump completed, our engineers then attended site and reinstalled the repaired pump back in place. We then tested and commissioned the whole system.


The Result

As a result of our teams’ expertise and engineering brilliance, the unidentifiable pump with difficult access was able to be repaired and reinstalled. The prison now had a fully functioning fire set, which helped them maintain the required regulations.

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