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pump system-building by dura pump

Finding the issues

There are many occasions where facilities require an upgrade or replacement of their pump systems for heating, cooling, or even just general water supplies – but the disruption that this can cause can be off-putting. Many organisations simply can’t tolerate being without these essential utilities for extended periods of time, so they soldier on with outdated or inadequate systems which become less and less reliable as the years roll on, and more expensive to maintain as parts become scarce.  

Finding this was a problem for many customers, Dura Pump has developed an in-house capability to design and supply fully pre-fabricated systems, which can be installed in hours, not days. Pump systems with all their associated pipework can be CAD modelled by our engineering team, assembled in our workshop, then delivered to site as complete units, installed all in one go. 

Especially important in facilities such as hospitals, where service disruption cannot be tolerated, this way of working saves significant costs by reducing the overall time engineers spend on-site.  

Quick ROI

Overall this means there has never been a better time to consider upgrading your pumping systems – with energy prices remaining high a newly designed system with improved energy efficiency can be installed quickly and painlessly, and start delivering you significant ROI. One customer realised energy savings of 40% compared to their previous heating pumps when they upgraded, giving them a complete return on investment in only 6 months.  

One example of where we carried out the full design, manufacture, installation and commissioning was when we upgraded a system next to the system on site. Once the new system was installed and ready we re-routed the pipework to the new system, minimising down time.

We even offer free energy saving audits – contact us to see if you qualify.

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