Hospital required critical booster set upgrade with no disruption

The Challenge

A large hospital in London had reached a critical stage. An old booster set, that is critical to the hospital’s water supply, had reached the end of its life. It still worked and supplied water to a tank on top of the hospital roof but the failure of this booster set would stop the tank filling and the hospital would run out of water within a few hours!

The pipework on either side of the manifold was plastic and there was nowhere to reconnect standard pipework. The pipework couldn’t be modified during the install because there was little allowance in time for the system to be down. There was also no way to provide sufficient time for the glue to set the plastic pipework. In addition to a tired system and a potential critical failure, the hospital was under immense pressure as the world entered the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Solution

Dura Pump provided a custom-built solution to replicate the existing system. This system had modern technology such as new high-efficiency inverter-driven pumps, stainless steel manifolds and valves free of EPDM. These parts could be controlled by a new control panel.

We designed the suction and discharge connections to match the original plastic pipework. This provided the opportunity for a very quick switchover. The new booster set was installed section by section. This meant we were able to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum. The total downtime was 2 hours for full installation.

The final switchover and commissioning were carried out in the very early hours of the morning when the hospital experienced the lowest demand. This choice ensured we never impacted the supply of water to the hospital.

The Results

The hospital now enjoys a new quad booster set with the latest IE3 efficient Lowara multistage pumps, Danfoss inverter drives, and a Dura Pump bespoke built control panel and manifolds. This replacement has provided a long-term and reliable solution. Not only has it given the hospital a system they can rely on during this difficult time but the energy savings will provide a quick payback.

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