Upgraded Pressurisation Set for a Leading UK University

The Challenge

In a recent success story for Dura Pump, the company was awarded a service maintenance contract for pump systems running through a large university campus based in the UK.

During one of our first maintenance visits, our team of engineers carried out a procedural assessment of the pump systems in use. We quickly discovered that one of the university’s old Grundfos pressurisation sets was seized up and not working.

Given the age of the Grundfos pressurisation set, all of the parts within it were obsolete. This meant that the most cost-effective method of dealing with this problem was to replace the unit entirely.

Our Solution

Dura Pump’s team of experienced pump specialists got to work in specifying an alternative modern unit with twin pumps, digital read out and BMS connections: the Flamco Flexfiller 225D.

Once the new unit was specified, our engineers attended the site of the university to remove the old, seized up unit. Installing the new Flamco Flexfiller 225D required making all of the necessary electrical and mechanical connections, as well as making further pipework modifications to the system. Beyond this essential work, Dura Pump was also happy to supply and install a new isolation valve on the discharge side of the unit, making ongoing maintenance a far easier task to complete.

Once the installation of the new Flamco Flexfiller 225D and isolation valve was complete, our team thoroughly checked the parameters within the settings before testing the pressure vessel, with the system left working to its optimum level.

The Result

Following the completion of this project and all of our recommended words, the university did not lose any downtime or pressure in the system. The new unit automatically runs the pumps periodically; preventing them from seizing up and stopping the initial issue from repeating itself.

The issue, unbeknown to the client previous to our servicing, is now solved by only having to deal with one company: Dura Pump.

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