Upgraded Pump System for a Leading Educational Institution

The Challenge

Dura Pump was contacted by a client in the education sector who were experiencing a series of issues with their pump system. Having experienced booster failures on a couple of the pumps, our customer was left vulnerable to losing its water supply completely should the last pump have failed.

With these challenges in mind, the customer contacted Dura Pump and requested that our team replace 3 of the pumps and inverters on their triple booster set.

Given their busy day-to-day work, it was imperative that this job was completed in a way that would minimise downtime and potential disruption.

Our Solution

The team at Dura Pump kicked the project off by carrying out a series of consultations with the client, taking the time to understand the client and its unique pump requirements. Following this initial process, our team was in a position to propose a solution that would resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

Dura Pump proposed supplying and installing 3no. Lowara SV Pumps, featuring motor-mounted Hydrovar inverters. This was down to the fact that the system’s existing inverters had been superseded by a newer, more advanced model. Because of this, Dura Pump got to work in reconfiguring the system’s settings; reprogramming it onto the new inverters.

To begin this process, our engineers replaced the two failed pumps in order to ensure the system remained fully operational, whilst also ensuring that the building wasn’t at risk of losing water. Once the brand new Lowara SV Pumps had been fully installed and commissioned, the Dura Pump team then replaced the final pump (which was previously the only pump supplying water to the building).

At this point, all 3 pumps had been replaced as specified. Following this stage, Dura Pump engineers installed link wires between each inverter before programming them to the correct set pressure; as well as to alternate duty between each pump. By taking this action, our team ensured that the pumps were communicating together to share the duty required and provide a constant water pressure to the building.

Before After
Old Inverter Pumps before upgrade New Digital Inverter Pumps Installed

The Results

Following the completion of this project, Dura Pump was pleased to see the client enjoy a number of positive results.

The client was now able to benefit from an upgraded system, with the installation of that upgraded system not compromising their water supply. Beyond this major benefit, the client’s system was now up-to-date and fully supported by a 12 month warranty. Plus – in the event of a future failure, spares would be available.

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