How can Dura Pump support you on your summer shutdown

Posted On Posted on 29th June, 2023 by Dura Pump
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Dura Pump are always ready to support our clients with their summer shutdown, whether this be factory fortnight for manufacturing plants or summer holidays for the education sector during or any planned maintenance period, pumps and similar equipment can benefit from the following support: 

  1. Preventive Maintenance: Dura Pump can offer maintenance services to inspect and service the pumps before the shutdown. This can help identify and address any potential issues or wear that may cause problems when repairs have to be carried out in ‘normal’ operational hours. This allows us to pre-plan for your shutdown.
  3. Pump Repairs and Replacement: If any pumps or components require repair or replacement, Dura Pump can provide the necessary parts and expertise to get them back in working order. We can pre-order parts and offer rapid turnaround during your shutdown.
  5. Pump And Systems Spare Parts Availability: Dura Pump can ensure that an adequate supply of spare parts is available during the shutdown period in case any unexpected problems occur. This minimizes downtime and allows for swift repairs, and ensuring your shutdown does not overrun.
  7. Pump & Systems Technical Support: Dura Pump can offer technical assistance to address any operational or troubleshooting questions that may arise during the shutdown. This can include remote support or on-site visits if required.
  9. Turnkey Pump System Packages: Dura Pump can provide bespoke package solutions which includes the design, installation, and commissioning of complete pump systems. It involves the provision of a fully integrated package of pumps, control panels, piping, valves, and other necessary components tailored to meet specific requirements. These are built off site ready for a planned shutdown, meaning that they can often be installed in 1-2 days, where traditionally could be 1-2 weeks.
Please consult Dura Pump directly to understand the specific services we offer and how we can support you during your summer shutdown.
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