Is Your Washdown System Controlled Properly?

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If you regularly use washdown systems, here’s a fact you’re going to want to know: controlling washdown systems correctly can not only save you thousands of pounds in running costs – it can also increase the life and longevity of the pumps. In the latest blog from Dura Pump, we share tips on how to properly control your washdown system and why they help. Check it out!

Often when we go round factories, abattoirs and ingredient factories, we find that their washdown systems are not controlled correctly. Unfortunately, not controlling washdown systems inevitably wastes money and decreases the reliability of the pumps.

Washdown System Control: Why it Matters

Our team often finds that washdown systems are controlled via an on/off switch, so the system is turned on when the wash down system is needed and left running until someone remembers to turn it off.

This is obviously a highly inefficient way to run the system pumps; because if there was only one wash down gun being used it did not require the pumps to be running at full speed which happens with a system that you just turn on/off.

The other way we find washdown systems can be controlled is via a pressure switch. This is a better way to control them rather than a simple on/off switch, but it still means the pumps will run at full speed to meet basic demands. However, this method also creates a lot of stopping and starting for the pumps, consequently reducing their life span.

The Correct Way to Control Washdown Pumps

The correct way to control washdown pumps is with variable speed controls (an inverter), along with a pressure transducer on the discharge line from the pumps. The pressure transducer monitors the water pressure and speeds up or slows down the pumps according to demand. This means pumps run at a constant pressure, reducing the number of stops and starts and also reducing the amount of wear on them, prolonging their life.

The other massive benefit of variable speed pumps is that they can save between 35 and 50 percent in energy. This reduces running costs as well as reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Also, by providing a constant pressure this saves water due to a regulated amount coming out of each gun. If only one gun is running on a fixed pass system, excessive amounts of water will come out due to the increased pressure.

The other thing to ensure is that the pressure vessel is set to the correct pressure. Pressure vessels which are set correctly will save the pumps stopping and starting so regularly and protect the mechanical seals from sudden impacts or water hammer.

It is possible to install a new set with the correct controls or retrofit new controls onto an old system. The cost of fitting the correct controls can often be paid back within 1-3 years due to the energy savings, not taking into account the reduced engineer attention from repairs and downtime.

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