How much does it cost to run different sized pumps?

Posted On Posted on 29th November, 2018 by Dura Pump
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Different types and sizes of pumps will have different sized motors, which will affect how much they cost to run. It’s possible to work out a rough idea of the total cost per annum of running the pump with a simple calculation that will help you forecast costs for the coming year.

For example, a pump with a motor size of 1.1Kw running 24/7 365 days per year will require 9,636kw per annum. At an average cost per kWh of 10p, the total cost per annum will be £963.60.


1.1 (Pump motor size in kW) x 24 (hours) x 365 (days) = 9636 kW per annum.

£0.10 (Cost per kWh) x 96336 (kW per annum) = £963.60 total cost per annum.

You can even adjust this calculation by the number of hours a pump runs in a day and how many days it runs in a year. For example, if we take the previous example but with the pump only running for 8 hours during weekdays, the total cost per annum would be £229.68.


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Pump motor size in kW x 8 (hours) x 261 (days) = 2296.8 kW per annum.

£0.10 (Cost per kWh) x 2296.8 (kW per annum) = £229.68 total cost per annum.

Here are the costs for different size pumps running 24/7 365 days per year:

5.5 kW – £4,818

11 kW – £9,636

18.5 kW – £16,206

22 Kw – £19,272

30 kW – £26,280

90 kW – £78,840


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If you want to work out the potential cost per annum of your pump, simply use this calculation.

Size of pump motor in Kw x hours pump runs per day x number of days in the year the pump will be running = Number of kW per annum.

The number of kW per annum x cost per kWh = Total cost per annum.

As you can see, the costs can start to rack up if you have a large pump running constantly, and the costs can be even higher if your pump systems are inefficient and are using more energy than is required.

Our energy saving service is a comprehensive pump system package designed to save you money by creating energy efficiencies as well as reducing wear and tear on the pumps.

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