Pump Stations Vs Wet Wipes

Posted On Posted on 10th January, 2018 by Dura Pump
wet wipe pump blockage

According to the latest study, 9/10 sewer blockages are caused by flushed wet wipes.

So if pump stations and wet wipes were two people you could place in a boxing ring – who would ultimately win? One stands large and strong, the other a humble softie, so the outcome seems inevitable… right?

blocked pump station

Wet wipes are becoming increasingly popular, they’re quick, easy and convenient to use and come in many different forms. From antibacterial for cleaning washroom and bathrooms, to the traditional baby wipe. Nearly all forms are now advertised as flushable, which they certainly are! However, whilst they do flush away from your toilet, once they reach the sewers and meet the pumps of the water system infrastructure they bind together and cause major problems.

Wet wipes are made of a non-woven fabric – similar to that of a disposable nappy. This fabric doesn’t disintegrate or break down in water, instead creating massive clogs in the waste water pipes, sewer systems and pumps. Of course, this then leads to very expensive breakdowns and repairs. Once they enter the water infrastructure, wet wipes are near weapons of mass destruction.

So these pesky wipes are a surprisingly tough opponent, can the pump station fight back?

Although pumps are typically correctly specified for the pump station on initial install, the use of wet wipes is often underestimated. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to weaken these fabric foes. The Dura Pump team are no strangers to the major issues they can cause, we were recently called out to a housing estate that was experiencing regular pump breakdowns through the routine flushing of wet wipes. We recommended upgrading the system, specifying a set of new vortex pumps with strong solids handling capacity, as well as new non return valves due to the likelihood of continual blockages. A successful round for the mighty pump station!

pump station blockage

It’s time to find out who wins the final round…

Perhaps unexpectedly, it’s a tough fight between the wet wipe and the pump station. However, with regular maintenance and periodic cleaning, an expertly specified pump station can stand up to this deceptively problematic opponent and prevent constant blockages and costly breakdowns. The simple answer to avoid this confrontation altogether? Don’t flush wet wipes and ensure your system is up for the challenge!


Are you experiencing continual blockages in your sewer system? We’ll find the culprit! Get in touch with the Dura Pump team today.

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