What Does a Pressure Vessel Do On a Booster Set?

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Here at Dura Pump, we’re regularly approached by our clients with one frequently asked question: what does a pressure vessel do on a booster set? In our latest blog, we answer this question in detail; highlighting the functions of a pressure vessel and how it can impact on your booster set. Check it out!

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Before we delve into this question in detail, let’s take a look at pressure vessels and what they are used for. A pressure vessel is used on a booster set and is situated on the discharge pipework. This prevents the boost step from stopping and starting too regularly.

Secondly, pressure vessels also ‘cushion’ your system against shockwaves which occur when the demand for water either stops or it closed off suddenly (a common example of when this happens is when a tap or valve is closed).

What Pressure Valves Do on Booster Sets

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A pressure vessel doesn’t create any pressure. However, it holds an amount of pressurised water within the rubber bladder, which is contained inside the vessel. The bladder is then effectively filled as a result of the pressure created by the booster pumps, before discharging it as and when required.

The set pressure of a vessel will vary depending on the system pressure. The set pressure of the vessel, however, is typically around 0.5 bars below the set pressure to turn the booster pump on.

When a tap is opened, the vessel is first emptied of water, which maintains pressure on the system. ONce it’s emptied, the pressure of the system drops. This in-turn activates the pressure transducer, which signals for the pumps to start and ensures that the required flow is continued.

Once demand is cut off, the booster will continue to run until the vessel is filled and the maximum set pressure on the system is reached.

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