Why Should You Use A CAT 5 Booster Set?

Posted On Posted on 17th January, 2023 by Ozz

What is a CAT 5 Booster Set?

In a nutshell, a CAT 5 booster set is a booster set with a break tank, which is designed for backflow prevention and specifically to stop any contaminated water entering the mains or incoming water. The booster set itself is no different from a standard booster set, but the tank has extra air gaps to prevent contaminated water from entering the inlet pipework.  

What Are CAT 5 Booster Sets Used For?

CAT 5 booster sets are used to prevent contaminated water entering the supply in a variety of situations and settings, particularly those where chemicals or contaminated water are involved, such as:

  • Water feeding into manufacturing plants
  • Washdown areas
  • Outside taps
  • Laboratories
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Industrial applications

Typically, CAT 5 booster sets are smaller units which feed a limited area. The size of the booster set may vary, depending on the demand and quantity of water required. They are typically controlled by inverters, which provide constant pressure for the discharge, or on a smaller application, by a pressure switch. 

Importantly, the use of a CAT 5 booster set ensures that your establishment is fully compliant with water authority regulations. 

Can I Make My Current Booster Set Into A CAT 5 Unit?

Yes, in some applications it’s possible to install a CAT 5 air gap on top of an existing break tank and make the tank compliant with CAT 5 regulations. This saves on the huge amount of cost and downtime that would be required if you installed a completely new tank.

However, it’s important to be mindful of the possibility of contamination entering the tank and to ensure that the clean water supply to the rest of the building remains separate.


To see if you can turn your current booster set into a CAT 5 unit, contact Dura Pump today.

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