Replacement Booster Set for a Facilities Management Company


The Challenge

One of our facilities management clients, CBRE Managed Services Limited, came to us requiring a replacement triple booster set which had reached the end of its life cycle. The booster set was many years old and had fixed speed pump controls, meaning that the complete set was inefficient. The existing booster set also had obsolete Grundfos CR8 pumps as well as outdated and faulty controls.

Additionally, the unit was installed in a tight space which had limited access.
As the end user client was a global insurance agency company, they required minimum disruption to their water supply and pressure. As a result, we had to figure out a way to carry the work out on a Saturday as quickly as possible. Due to the tight area the existing set was located, it also meant we had to build the new set up on site.


Old Pumps

Our Solution

Following a site visit to scope out the job, we specified a high efficiency Lowara variable speed triple booster set to match the existing duty. The set had 3 variable speed horizontal multistage pumps, isolation valves and non-return valves, as well as three 24L expansion vessels, a control panel and pressure transducers, all mounted on a steel fabricated baseplate.

We then planned the work to dismantle the existing booster set and move the new booster set into the plant room on the Friday, ready for a full swap over and install on the Saturday. Utilising copper crimp pipework, we were able to quickly remove and reinstall the booster set, making pipework modification without using any hot works. The crimp pipework manufacturer also provided the client with a 25-year guarantee on each fitting – ensuring confidence and reliability for the client.

Once the booster set was installed mechanically, our engineers, who are electrically and mechanically trained, then connected the booster set up electrically and commissioned the set. Once commissioned and with the set providing water back to the building, our engineers then removed the waste and the old booster set out of the plant room.


The Result



As a result, the client had a new reliable booster set, providing constant water pressure to their building due to the variable speed drives on the pumps. Also, the variable speed drives increased the efficiency of the pump set, reducing electricity consumption and therefore running costs. This meant that the client could continue to care for their staff and provide good welfare facilities to them.


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