Shopping Centre Saved from a Weekend Without Water

The challenge

The booster set that supplied water to an entire Shopping Centre failed one Friday afternoon. The set, which had 11kW pumps, was old and had been repaired many times before by another company.

This was probably in the mistaken belief that it would be the cheapest option, but it was in fact very expensive to run. On the final repair, they had left the booster set leaking excessively, so it was just a matter of time before the system failed.

The Shopping Centre manager called us in desperation at around 4 p.m. just before they closed.

Our solution

We hastened to the site, and after examining the system, it was obvious that a replacement booster was needed.

With careful measuring we could also foresee that some new pipework would be needed if everything was to run like clockwork after the booster was installed. We pre-manufactured the pipework in our workshops and supplied from stock the triple 7.5kW booster set driven by Hydrovar inverters which were the ideal solution.

We carried out the installation during the evening and by 11 p.m., having tested the now perfectly-running water system so there would be no further trouble come Saturday morning, we packed up and left.

The results

The Shopping Centre operated as normal straight away, and the management has also benefited from:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased reliability
  • Greater flexibility to meet varying demands
  • Constant pressure
  • Inverters designed for pumps to give the greatest efficiency
  • Greater back up in the event of further failure
  • Extended pump life
  • Reduced wear on the pipework and valves
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The Shopping Centre’s site engineer commented, “I am very happy with the installation; you are more professional than other companies we use. I can’t knock it. It’s just quality.”

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